What to Include in a Gourmet Candy Gift Box

5 May 2017
 Categories: Food & Cooking, Blog

If you're looking to give someone a gourmet candy gift box, then a really sweet idea would be to create it yourself. You can get a nice custom box at a gift store, pick up some decorative candy cups, and then fill the box with your own choice of gourmet candy. But, if you're not a real connoisseur or sweets, you might not know where to start looking. Use the following guide for some ideas.

Chocolate Truffles

One of the true classics that you should include are chocolate truffles. These are super decadent, and they are a favorite of any chocoholic. They are essentially chocolate and cream, formed into delicate little balls. Sometimes they might have a flavor, such as a liquor, or something such as a bit of sea salt to off set the sweetness of the chocolate. The one thing you should look for when buying truffles is to make sure they are stable at room temperature. The classic French truffle, which is just a ganache ball coated in cocoa powder, will melt at room temperature if you leave the box out. So, make sure you buy truffles that have been coated in tempered chocolate (a thin, hard shell that will prevent them from melting).

Salt Water Taffy

This one is really cool for people who love nostalgic candies. Even if they were never old enough to have lived through the salt water taffy craze, they will love the history behind the candy. It was one of the iconic candies at beach resorts from Atlantic City to Ocean City. You can find it at little shops located in these beach towns that will ship out to you. They don't actually use ocean water (though some of the originals used to make that claim years back). But they do have the salt in the mixture, so you get that classic saltwater taste.

Turkish Delight

Fans of foreign and exotic candies will absolutely love these candies. They are soft, chewy, and flavored with unusual ingredients such as rosewater, bergamot, and cardamon, though they are also available in flavors your friend will be familiar with, such as strawberry and pistachio. Sometimes they are filled with nuts, while other times they are simply plain jelly style, with a dusting of powdered sugar. The really neat thing about these are that they are so colorful. They can be bright pink (rosewater), yellow (lemon), and neon green (lime and pistachio).

Gourmet Caramels

Fans of candies will really love a selection of gourmet caramels. These caramels will be made with cream and sugar, so the flavors of the caramel comes through and has a rich complexity. These are in stark comparison to the rock hard variety that you often see in the store, the same ones filled with all sorts of ingredients besides the essential cream and sugar. A really well made caramel is a delicacy, and one that any fan of gourmet candies will absolutely love.

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