How To Make K-Cups More Affordable

15 December 2017
 Categories: Food & Cooking, Blog

Whether you've had a coffee machine that uses k-cups for years or just got one for the holidays, this convenient coffee maker can become expensive quickly. Thankfully, it doesn't have to ding your pocketbook if you follow this simple guide. Read on to discover how you can save big bucks while still enjoying the convenience of a k-cup coffee maker.

Start with a Sampler

One of the biggest wastes of time and money with k-cup coffee makers is buying a pack of coffee you don't like. You end up stuck with a dozen or more of the same flavor and don't want to use it, which means you either have to drink coffee you don't enjoy or waste the cups you just bought. Instead, consider a variety sampler pack.

Many manufacturers of coffee sell starter packs for folks who have never used a k-cup coffee maker before. This allows you a wide variety of flavors to try from, as well as different strengths of coffee. When you find a flavor you like, then you can choose to stock up and you'll never have to waste another k-cup.

Buy In Bulk

This step is particularly useful if you already know what flavors you enjoy, or after you've followed the sampler tip. Most grocery stores now sell k-cups, but they can be quite pricey. Instead, you should consider buying your k-cups in bulk online.

Buying in bulk saves a lot of money because most coffee manufacturers reduce the cost per k-cup when you buy a large package of them. Instead of buying one dozen k-cups, go for several dozen or even a hundred to save significant cash. While not every major retailer will sell the flavor you're interested in, you can usually look to online stores to provide the wide variety you're looking for at reasonable prices when sold in bulk.

Buy Reusable Cups

Lastly, once you're comfortable with using a k-cup machine, consider buying reusable cups. Reusable cups can be filled with your own varieties of coffee, which makes them even more affordable. On top of that, if you're trying to be eco-friendly, reusable k-cups reduce the amount of waste going into the landfill while still providing the convenience of a k-cup maker.

If you're wondering how a reusable k-cup is any more efficient than a standard coffee maker, the answer is the ability to make your coffee cups in advance. While a coffee maker has to be prepped and filed every time you want coffee, you can spend a little time filling multiple reusable k-cups instead. This will take slightly more time than using premade, single-use k-cups, but if you want to save money and the environment, this is the best option.

K-cup coffee makers are fast and easy to use, and they don't have to be expensive if you follow these tips. You can also apply these ideas to non-coffee k-cups, like those that make tea or even cocoa. Don't let yourself be overcharged by buying small amounts of k-cups at the grocery store. Buy online and save a ton of cash while you're satisfying your coffee desires. Learn more here!