Reasons To Have A Bowl Chopper In Your Restaurant Kitchen

24 March 2022
 Categories: Food & Cooking, Blog

When you browse the website of a restaurant equipment supplier, you can expect to see a number of bowl choppers. Sometimes also known as a buffalo chopper, this piece of equipment can be a useful addition to virtually every commercial kitchen, regardless of what kinds of food you serve. Easily recognizable because of its large stainless steel bowl, a bowl chopper typically sits on your countertop and will likely be something that your kitchen staff use before each meal service. Here are three reasons to have a bowl chopper in your restaurant kitchen.

Chops Quickly

Thanks to its numerous sharp blades that spin fast, a bowl chopper is able to chop a large volume of food in a very short period of time. Depending on what you wish to cut, you adjust the machine so that it cuts how you want, load your food into the bowl, and then let the chopper do the work. Not only will this machine chop your food far faster than a person could do by hand, but it also allows the kitchen staff member to go do something else as it chops. This can help to improve the efficiency of your meal service.

Chops Safely

A bowl chopper is a valuable addition to your restaurant kitchen because it allows your staff to chop a considerable volume of food without risk of injury. Even an experienced cook or chef can occasionally cut themselves with a knife when they're chopping food, often as a result of a distraction in the kitchen or from someone accidentally bumping into them as they work. Injuries of this nature can halt the production of food in order to thoroughly clean and decontaminate the affected work area, while also providing first aid for the affected staff member. Using a bowl chopper can dramatically lower the risk of someone ending up with a cut.

Chops Many Foods

While there are some pieces of restaurant equipment that are designed to help you prepare a specific type of food, bowl choppers are ideal because they can successfully handle many different foods. Perhaps most importantly, you can use them to chop meats and vegetables alike. If you're grinding your own beef, for example, it's necessary to first cut the meat into chunks. This is a task that your bowl chopper can help with. Similarly, it can cut large volumes of vegetables to use in various dishes. Shop for a bowl chopper at your local restaurant equipment store.