4 Simple And Simply Delicious Meal Ideas That Begin In A Bakery

30 January 2023
 Categories: Food & Cooking, Blog

Want a simple and tasty meal idea? Check out your favorite grocery store but start in the bakery; there are many delicious meal ideas amongst the sweet treats that you will find that can easily become the star of a savory meal.   

Don't overlook four simple— and simply delicious— meal ideas that begin in your grocer's bakery: 

1. Panettone Cake

It is easiest to find Panettone cakes around the holiday season, but some may offer them year-round. Panettone is from Italy, and it is a delicious, sweetened bread that is fluffy and yeasty. It typically contains things like raisins, nuts, and dried fruits— sometimes chocolate, too. 

Panettone stuffing is a savory way to enjoy this seasonal sweet; simply cube, toast, and combine with other ingredients, like sausage, mushrooms, and spices. Bake in a pan and cut into squares to serve with roasted meats or to nibble on with a glass of wine. 

2. Cornbread

Any bakery you visit is likely to have cornbread on the shelf. A loaf or pan of cornbread is the perfect start to preparing a cornbread and chicken casserole that combines cornbread cubes, chicken, veggies, and cheese for a satisfying one-dish meal.  

Another idea for your pan of bakery cornbread is delicious cornbread pudding. Cornbread pudding is a side dish, but it is the star of the show. Cornbread, cheese, onion, and herbs are put in a baking dish, covered with an egg and milk custard, and baked. Serve with a fresh salad for a light lunch or roasted chicken for a filling dinner.   

3. Glazed Donuts

Burgers are always a sensible supper suggestion, but have you tried a buttery donut burger? For this culinary treat, slice bakery glazed donuts in half and toast. Use this as your sweet bun for a buttery burger with your favorite toppings. If you like the pairing of salty and sweet, you will love this donut burger, but the right fluffy, glazed donut is key. 

4. Croissants

Croissant sandwiches piled high with shaved cold cuts seem like a no-brainer, but there are other ways to use bakery croissants for a satisfying meal. For instance, swap out croissants for regular bread in this croissant French toast recipe that is a hearty meal any time. Or try the even easier French toast casserole, which can be made ahead, and features layers of fresh fruit and berries. Top with powdered sugar and serve with some scrambled eggs.  

Try one of these four meal ideas that begin with a trip to your favorite bakery. From a fresh French toast preparation to the best burger you have ever had, enjoy one of these simple and simply delicious meals tonight.

For more info, contact a local bakery